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Whimsical, intimate backyard wedding - Kelowna BC

I will carry this day with me always.


the ease of the morning, a day long awaited, long pondered, long anticipated. 


lakeside cliffs under okanagan sun, friends and family attentive to every need, every detail.

flowers planted to mark each spot to stand, resolute, earnest and joy-filled in commitment

a backyard, turned-fairy-tale garden, a work of love, given joyfully.




and the smiles. I think the smiles are what I carry most. 

All star crew credit goes to...

Hair: @laurenelisehairdesign //

Makeup: @freshface.artistry //

Flowers: The bridesmaids!

Suit: @bananarepublic

Bowtie: @belfastbowcompany

Bride's engagement ring: Privately made by the groom with elements of flattened pennies from their university dating days. 

Bride's wedding band: @shopspence //

Groom's ring: @anvilrings //

Catering: @delicitykelowna //


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