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Hey hey hey!



  • I got my nose pierced on a whim for $11 in Vietnam after years of debating if I should or not. No ragrets.

  • I'm an Enneagram 7 straight through to my core of cores, and I unashamedly wept when I first listened to Sleeping at Last's song "Seven." Brilliant work of art right there.

  • I do love a good British time period drama. The ones where it's desperately romantic when they touch hands. 

  • I would strongly define myself as a "destination hiker."  ......I hike for the view and the snacks at the top. Nothing else. My lungs hurt all the way up and there's no way around it. If you'd like to hike with me, I'll absolutely go for it, just...don't expect much quality conversation until the top...!

  • I do love a top notch flat white, but I have been known to drink the instant stuff mid night shift, and I don't mind one bit. No time for true coffee snobbery where shift work is involved! 

  • Yes to eggnog, and YES to decorating before December first. 

  • My book list grows faster than I can knock them off, and it's quite frustrating. But we truck on.




First off, I'm super honoured you'd take the time to meet me here in my little corner of the creative web-world.




I'm a suburb-born Langley girl, heart split between the golden pallet of summer in Australia, and (in my most humble opinion...) the most beautiful place on earth: British Columbia. My working time is split between nursing and photography, and as such, pandemic times have brought me home to the west coast for the foreseeable future... so if you are around here, let me know! I'd love to create together... maybe hike a mountain or two, or sip a coffee downtown hiding from the rain. It's all pretty darn wonderful.


IF YOU KNOW ME -'ll know a few things, in no particular order!


1. I LOVE people. People are the most fascinating creations, and worth every bit of time and effort to get to know. I think that is why I will always be drawn to portraiture in photography first and foremost. There will always be so much beauty to capture in the essence of who each subject is in front of me.

2. I LOVE my Saviour, Lord and ever kind Father Jesus Christ, in whom I have life and breath and all fullness of joy. I see photo-capturing as a way to honour the stunning beauty he has first and foremost taken such time and detail to create around me.

3. I LOVE life. Whether it be capturing moments behind the lens, worshipping behind a guitar, underwater strapped to an oxygen tank freaking out at the ridiculous detail under the surface, or time spent whipping down a ski hill, I love it all. Bring it all on. 




I love to capture it all!

The squeals, the alligator tears, the pure wonder, raw emotion quiet awe. All of it. 

I am drawn to the in between moments, the goofy grins, the second when you forgot for a moment I was even there. But HEAR THIS. As we get to know one another, it is most important to me that you feel so unbelievably cherished and comfortable behind my lens, because...

a) you're worth it and more, and

b) learning and knowing who you are brings me so much life as I seek to truly represent you in the images captured!

Basically, let's be friends! Life is a gloriously unexpected and ever-changing dynamic thing, and so worth capturing together!



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